Introduction to the Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is the capability of a machine to display or replicate human intelligence. In today’s world, artificial intelligence is growing very quickly and this burgeoning technology is ready to create a new revolution in the world by making smart machines. It is currently working with various sub-areas, from general to specific.

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. It is based on the premise that intelligence is not ‘real’ or ‘human’. It mimics cognitive functions exhibited by humans (Such as Problem solving and learning).

In last few years the scope of artificial intelligence has doubled and it’s growing exponentially.

Three stages of Artificial Intelligence

Stages of Artificial Intelligence
  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence – Artificial Narrow Intelligence are limited to one or two functional areas, these systems are not self-aware or self-conscious and these systems appears to be making decisions, but it is the statistic or math in action. These systems are user driven big data systems for machine learning.
    Examples: – Smartphone apps, chess, and AlphaGo, Image identification tools, speech recognition tools, self-driving systems, Google Translate & Spam filters.
  2. Artificial General Intelligence – Artificial General Intelligence covers more than one functional area such as Reasoning, Problem-Solving, Abstract Thinking. These systems are advanced networks trained to build ad-hoc systems and improve themselves using data.
    Examples: – Multipurpose Systems, Systems with human-level Intelligence, reasoning, thinking, and decision-making, and Systems that synthesize diverse information and decide actions.
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence – Systems characterizing cognitive self-learning which surpasses human intelligence. These systems are characterizing cognitive self-learning systems.
    Examples: – Super Intelligence AI agents, Systems that are masters at every skill, subject, or discipline and are faster than the smartest humans.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Neural Network
  • Vision
    • Image & Pattern Recognition
    • Facial Recognition
  • Hearing
    • Voice and Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Natural Language Understanding
    • Natural Language Generation
  • Robotics
  • Expert Systems

Ways AI is used nowadays

Application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Recognition: – Recognize objects, places, people, and actions in an image. Computers works with combination of Camera and Artificial Intelligence software to achieve image recognition/
  • Product Analytics – It allows companies to gain knowledge leveraging data to reveal user engagement with products or services. Tracks activities, likes, and dislikes of users and keeps the users engaged with the product.
  • AB testing: – It is the process to Compares two different versions. Determines the version of the web page that delivers better performance.
  • Speech Recognition: – It is the Ability machine to program that Allows humans to use their voice to communicate with software and query with the program to get the desired result.
  • Language Translation: – It is the process to translates a word or sentence from one language to another. Ensures that the translated word is culturally and linguistically correct.
  • Sentiment Analysis: – It is the process of analyzing a piece of text to determine the writer’s attitude. Can be categorized as positive, negative, or neutral.

Effects of AI on Society

Enhances Efficiency and Throughput

“Artificial Intelligence is a huge benefit to the society as it enhances the efficiency and throughput, while creating new opportunities for revenue generation, cost savings, and job creation.”

by Anand Sampat
Frees Up Humans to do what they do best

Self-driving Cars – They are the combination of sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence technology and they are capable of sensing human intervention navigating without human intervention.

“Machines allow humans to do the most interpersonal and creative aspects of work.”

by Chalmers Brown
Adds Jobs, Strengthens the Economy

“The unparalleled combination of human and machine will become the new normal in the workforce of the future.”

by Matthew Lieberman

We have seen headlines like “Robots and AI will destroy jobs” are more of a fiction than fact. There will be a gradual, positive evolution in the job market and people will work better with the help of AI.

Enhances our Lifestyle

“Smart homes will reduce the energy usage and provide better security for humans. Marketing will be more targeted and health care will become more effective with smart devices.”

by Naresh Soni
Supervises Learning for Telemedicine

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to extend knowledge and understanding to a broader population. Image-based AI diagnoses of medical conditions could allow for a more comprehensive deployment of telemedicine.”

by Copper Perkins

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